Lunchador Podcast Network is a network of podcasts originating in Rochester, NY. Our goal is bringing creative people together to be a positive force in the arts community. The shows that make up Lunchador are owned by the creators and cover a wide range of topics and backgrounds.

Anomaly Presents is a podcast devoted to the genre movies that inspired the creation of Rochester, NY’s newest film festival. Hosted by the festival organizers, it’s a lighthearted deep dive into the movies that obsess us, keep us up late at night and bring us together as cult film junkies.

Behind the Glass, hosted by Richard B Col√≥n and Quajay Donnell, is a monthly talk with the current month’s BTG Roster. Artists are interviewed about their submissions and we dive deep into their process, inspiration and thought process centralized around their artwork in the Behind the Glass Gallery located in the heart of Downtown Rochester NY.

Behind the Studio Door, hosted by Molly Darling and Christian Rivera, takes listeners on a captivating exploration of artists and their creative processes. Through deep and meaningful conversations, they uncover the stories and experiences that shape the outward expression of their work.

Food About Town hosted by Chris Lindstrom, focusing on restaurants, food and drink of all kinds, and whatever topics I want to cover!

Pauly Guglielmo Show: Pauly Guglielmo is a former radio guy turned food business entrepreneur. While running a manufacturing facility is his day job, he likes to dust off his broadcasting skills once a week on this podcast and talk to entrepreneurs and other influencers.

Representation in Cinema: We discuss the representation of Black, Brown, and Indigenous people in movies. We address the things that we love seeing, the tropes and stereotypes that Hollywood continues to perpetuate on screen, and what representation we’d like to see moving forward.

Level Up Coffee Podcast: Level Up your coffee game. Wade Reed and Aaron Pascucci, two coffee professionals discuss coffee and the culture surrounding it.

Punches & Popcorn: The masters of Couch Potato style Mike Huntone, Jason Bills, and Dr. Dominic D’Amore take a deep dive into the best and worst of martial arts films.

Mind of Magnus: Artist Magnus Champlin Interviews guests sharing the stories and life adventures with the goal of expanding minds.

Refined Taste with Dario & Chris: Weekly Live show where comedians Dario Joseph and Chris Thompson talk and laugh with representatives of Rochester, New York’s food and drink scene.